Catalog of Hα emitting galaxies at d<75 Mpc

Color composite from gri J-PLUS filters of UGC 9741

Color composite from gri J-PLUS filters of UGC 9741

We have studied the star formation main sequence, the Hα luminosity function, the stellar mass function and the star formation rate density at d < 75 Mpc using a sample of 756 local galaxies with Hα emission and without nuclear activity selected in the 897.4 deg2 surveyed by J-PLUS DR1.

The results are summarised here and fully detailed in the paper:

We made the catalog with the main properties of the galaxies in the analysed local sample publicly available. It includes:

  • Position
  • Distance
  • Hα flux and luminosity
  • Stellar mass and star formation rate
  • Broadband (u-g) and (g-z) colors

The measurement of these variables is extensively described in Vilella-Rojo et al. 2021.

Data download

DATA DOWNLOAD: jplus_dr1_halpha_local_galaxies.tar.gz (409.6kB)


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