J-PLUS Structure

Figure below shows the management structure that is followed to carry out and oversee the survey execution as well as to organize and coordinate the technical and scientific work for the scientific exploitation of J-PLUS. This is split into three main teams: the Observing Strategy Team (OST), the Data Management Team (DMT), and the Survey Science Team (SST). The P.I of J-PLUS is Dr. A. J. Cenarro and the co-P.I. is Dr. C. Hernández Monteagudo.

The Observing Strategy Team (OST) is constituted by the scientists of J-PLUS that participate actively in the installation, commissioning and upgrades of JAST80 and T80Cam at the OAJ, in their operation during the surveys, and in the definition and implementation of the survey strategy. The OST is coordinated by Dr. H. Vázquez Ramió.

The Data Management Team (DMT) is constituted by the scientists of J-PLUS that participate actively in the definition, development and maintenance of Software for the J-PLUS pipelines, the processing and storage Hardware at the OAJ and CEFCA, and the data archives. The DMT is coordinated by Dr. J. Varela.

The Survey Science Team (SST) is constituted by all the scientists of J-PLUS that participate actively in the science preparation and scientific exploitation of J-PLUS. The SST is coordinated by Dr. C. López-Sanjuan.

The Survey Management Committee (SMC) is devoted to supervise the activities of the OST, the DMT and the SST, as well as to coordinate and manage the activities that require of mutual collaboration and synergies among the three teams. The SMC is constituted by the P.I, co-P.I. and the coordinators of the OST, the DMT and the SST. The SMC is expected to meet in a regular basis, chaired by the P.I..

The Survey Science Committee (SSC) is constituted by the SST coordinator and a representation of J-PLUS scientists with good knowledge of the scientific goals that can and must be addressed by J- PLUS. The SSC is chaired by the SST coordinator and has the overall responsibility for the coordination and supervision of the different papers proposed within the collaboration.


Builders are a subset of the J-PLUS Collaboration members who have devoted more than 3 full time years of their postdoctoral scientific career to the J-PLUS project infrastructure or have otherwise made significant contributions to the project, to the benefit of the collaboration in the broad sense, in either case to be decided at the discretion of the SMC. The J-PLUS builders are listed below:

Name Institution
Javier Cenarro CEFCA
David Cristóbal-Hornillos CEFCA
Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo CEFCA
Carlos López-Sanjuan CEFCA
Antonio Marín-Franch CEFCA
Mariano Moles CEFCA
Jesús Varela CEFCA
Héctor Vázquez Ramió CEFCA
Jailson Alcaniz ON
Renato Dupke ON
Alessandro Ederoclite CEFCA
Laerte Sodré Jr. IAG/USP